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The future of electronic dance music and DJ-driven music looks very bright. Since the millennium, electronic dance music (house, techno, etc.) has gone from the ”one off hits” to dominate charts all over the world. The touch of a well-known DJ can now either “make it or break it” for an artist. Well-established artists like Madonna, Black Eyed Peas and Usher use DJs to produce and remix their tracks to get the right sound for the clubs. Today Scandinavian dance music is in the forefront of the whole scene with acts like Swedish house mafia, Røyksop, Above & beyond, Trentemøller working the charts and the dance floors around the globe. We represent the next wave of super acts coming out of Scandinavia

During the last 100 years the DJ has gone from acting ”behind the scenes” to playing a key roll in breaking music genres, such as R n B and Rock n Roll, to the masses. Back in the day he was more of a presenter or happy voice on the radio. Today, the beat mixing and scratching DJs perform and plan their appearances like artists on a stage. The DJ has historically been the driving force behind many of the music styles we see today such as soul, reggae, hip hop, disco and everything we call electronic dance music.

The DJ has gone from being behind the scenes, like being the substitute on the bench, to playing a key role as goalkeeper and team captain. Dunka Dunka has extensive experience with DJ’s and DJ related entertainment, as both “players” and as a “coach”. We know that in a football team it’s important to have the right man in the right place, just as it is to have the right DJ in the right club. The DJ profession has now surpassed the stage of “I have a big record collection so I can play records”. We provide professional players for professional teams. Our DJ’s consists of experienced, skilled and established DJs/artists who have an incurable passion for their profession and music.

The fundamental philosophy in DJ culture is to create something new from something existing. This means that the culture should always re-invent itself by building new genres from the pieces of the old. New genres are popping up from the ground like mushrooms and we understand that you need to choose the music to attract the clientele that you want. We concentrate on music that moves the crowd, but also know that cutting edge tracks elevate the atmosphere of any setting. It is important for us to match the music to the vibe of what’s happening at the moment, so we work with DJs at the top of their game – in any given style! From electro to house and from funk to hip hop – we provide it all, and work with you to nail down exactly what it is you want out of the music. We understand club culture and the specialised requirements of our clients. Dunka Dunka represents the quality movement currently exploding worldwide, and sets a benchmark for providing visionary music for special events and fantastic nights.

We have over 60 years of shared experience – flirting with the dance floor, DJ’ing, creating music profiles, and pulling crowds. Dunka Dunka is your partner for DJs and DJ related entertainment. We are based in Oslo but operate all over Scandinavia. We have artists for both small and large events, including DJ’s, VJ’s, musicians, vocalists and MCs, We provide resident DJ bookings, music profiling services, technical consultation, production of unique visuals/videos, radio jingles and full print advertising, including design for your events. We dare to simply say that we are specialists for DJs, and the surrounding industry. We at Dunka Dunka believe in practical creativity. We don’t take on artists or DJs, design programs or roosters just to win industry acclaim or awards. We do it to get results. We do it for you!

What we do

We do a lot! We play records, produce music, arrange parties,  video map objects and structures, make people smile, love music, make love, make your life easy and we have a lot of fun!

How it works

In each of the section of our site you’ll find a list of DJs, artists and concepts. For each one you’ll find additional information making it easier for you to find the perfect combination of DJs artists and concepts for your event. Drop us a line and we’ll help you along!

Who we are

Dunka Dunka is a group of DJs and music-lovers which all have extended interest in the music industry. As all good things in life it started out as a fun free-time activity, but quickly grew into something really serious and equally precious to all of us.

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